Our world is more connected than ever, and still we are only in the beginning of the Networked Society that is opening up new opportunities that were unimaginable just a few years ago.


Every business is different. Different people, processes, providers and legacy platforms. This means there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all Smart Network. When you partner with Optus, we get to know your business. Your pain points. Your goals.

You’ll work with a Solutions Architect to cut through the complex, time-consuming legacy network your company has built over time. The result is a simplified eco-system that can support your company today but also adapt to your needs in years to come.

  • Low Energy Wireless Network

    Low Energy Wireless Network

    Energy-efficient wireless communication network design is an important and challenging problem. Its difficulty lies in the fact that the overall performance depends, in a coupled way, on the following subsystems: antenna, power amplifier, modulation, error control coding, and network protocols. In addition, given an energy constraint, improved operation of one of the aforementioned subsystems may not yield better overall performance. Thus, to optimize performance one must account for the coupling among the above subsystems and simultaneously optimize their operation under an energy constraint. In this article we present a generic integrated design methodology that is suitable for many kinds of mobile systems and achieves global optimization under an energy constraint. By pointing out some important connections among different layers in the design procedure, we explain why our integrated design methodology is better than traditional design methodologies. We present numerical results of the application of our design methodology to a situational awareness scenario in a mobile wireless network with different mobility models. These results illustrate the improvement in performance that our integrated design methodology achieves over traditional design methodologies, and the tradeoff between energy consumption and performance.


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