In times of increasing energy costs, it is important to measure and control energy consumption accurately. We meet our customers' requirements by offering a variety of highly advanced, tailor-made heat and cooling metering solutions according to standards.

Heat is measured with heat allocation meters or heat meters. Heat meters are used to measure the physical flow of energy used for heating, for example in apartments with underfloor heating systems. The installation of heat meters can also be recommended for metering the energy consumption of different user groups in one building (e.g. shops and apartments).

Smart metering benefits utilities by improving customer satisfaction with faster interaction, while giving consumers more control of their energy usage to save money and reduce carbon emissions. With power visibility all the way to the meter, utilities can optimize energy distribution and even take action to shift demand loads.

Smart metering helps utilities to:

  • Reduce operating expenses by managing manual operations remotely
  • Improve forecasting and streamline power-consumption
  • Improve customer service through profiling and segmentation
  • Reduce energy theft 
  • Simplify micro-generation monitoring and track renewable power 

In addition, Smart Meters can enable an array of new smart services to residential, commercial, and industrial customers to better manage their energy usage patterns, reduce overall power consumption and even benefit from new pricing models.


Cellular communications provide a reliable connectivity option for smart metering infrastructure, including full IP infrastructure and low latency in 4G LTE. With the ubiquitous reach of modern cellular networks, and the development of LTE-M (LTE for M2M) providing long range low power cost effective solutions, utilities can connect meters easily and inexpensively virtually anywhere. And they can benefit from a proven, highly reliable communications infrastructure without taking on the costs of deploying and maintaining it themselves. 


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