The Smart Water Solution offers three major benefits. First, the solution adopts a grid-based water meter system, monitors the pipeline network in real time, and rapidly locates pipeline failures to enable leakage analysis. Thanks to this solution, the rate of water leakage can be reduced. Second, users often complain about disturbances caused by manual meter reading or inaccurate manual estimation. Automatic meter reading effectively solves all these issues, helping to reduce user complaints and improve service quality. Third, this solution enables real-time data backhaul. Data related to water, such as quality, pressure, and temperature, can be managed elaborately and visually to enhance the capabilities of water utilities.

The development of smart water services had for many years been restricted by traditional two-hop network communications technologies such as Long Range (LoRa) and RF networks. Network construction is particularly quite difficult to accomplish using traditional technologies. For example, concentrators can only be deployed after site selection, electricity connection, and network planning. Different locations and scenarios cannot use the same solution. Network construction often requires a long period of time, and concentrators tend to suffer from an inability to withstand extreme weather conditions such as lightning, rain, or snow. As a direct result, concentrators may require frequent maintenance. For example, connection of mains electricity may be affected by man-made faults, and accidental solar power supply faults may occur due to heavy snow. Furthermore, LoRa and RF networks operate on unlicensed spectrum. Networks used by different applications, such as water, natural gas, street lamps, and parking, often experience co-channel interference. And it is difficult to coordinate all walks of life to help eliminate this problem.

NB-IoT offers deep coverage and massive connections with low power consumption. It is an ideal network communications technology for the smart water solution. Inherited networks: The NB-IoT Smart Water Solution runs on public networks upgraded from the existing 2G, 3G, and 4G networks provided by operators. Water meter vendors and water utilities save considerable amounts of time and money required for network construction.
Maintenance free: The NB-IoT network can be smoothly upgraded to 5G and is maintained by industry specialists from operators. Highly reliable: The NB-IoT network uses licensed spectrum and suffers from low interference. The solution can achieve a meter reading success rate of over 99%.

The NB-IoT Smart Water Solution helps water utilities minimize water leakage, reduce user complaints, and improve management. The solution will accelerate the large-scale development of smart water services.


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